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Genius Mathematics

Genius Mathematics

Genius Mathematics serves as a teaching aid for children to support learning in a fun and exciting way in a non-threatening

environment outside the classroom.


Genius Mathematics believes in bringing out the talent of the young ones in a fun, unique and special way! The players

will have a chance to be tested on their mathematical knowledge (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) by solving mathematical problems during the game.


Genius Mathematics entitles the player to seek help from other players if he/she is not able to tackle the question. The strategy is to boost their team building spirit and communication skills in one way or another. Moreover, Genius Mathematics focuses on hand-eye coordination and concentration, stimulating the brain and its development. Bonus/Stars cards are also incorporated to reward the player for the right answer -- a way to motivate your child.


Genius Mathematics board game is the right choice as it can build the child’s confidence to enhance his/her learning potential and mental capabilities. The learning process when playing Genius Mathematics is fun, inspiring and encouraging.


Genius Mathematics is an innovative and educational game that enhances thinking using timeless life values. Players go around the board according to the numbers they throw on the dice, using Mathematics and winning Bonus/Stars cards to beat their opponents. It provides countless hours of fun and ways to stimulate the brain with Mathematics. The player with the most flags wins the game!

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