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Playing Genius Mathematics is MAGICAL. Something MAGICAL happens to the brain of the child, which cannot be explained. Something supernatural, which cannot be described. You MUST TRY and see for yourself.

Eunice Tan

I was not really good in Mathematics but after playing Genius Mathematics, my Mathematics miraculously improved. I have been consistently scoring 90 marks and above for all my Mathematics tests in school. The game is magical. It is simple to play and brings you to basics of Mathematics. The supernatural or luck of the game made my mind better. Everyone who plays Genius Mathematics regularly has improved like me. It has also invoked my likeness for Mathematics. Now I am pursuing engineering and may pursue astronomy as well. Thanks to Genius Mathematics.... I really love the Game! Thanks for helping me!

- 15 December 2016


Zoe Angelopoulou

Genius Mathematics is a game of education, fun and awesomeness all in one. It has helped my little sister (5 years old) so much and I also love the game!

- 9 June 2016


Primary 6 Boy

Playing Genius Mathematics has helped me with my studies. My Primary 5 Mathematics results in 2015 has improved. Also the rest of my subjects have also improved! I really enjoy playing Mathematics and I have become smarter!

- 20 February 2016


Primary 5 Boy

I love the designs and drawings on Genius Mathematics board game. I love Abraham Lincoln and Einstein who are found nicely drawn on the board game. After playing Genius Mathematics, I realised that my thinking is faster and I respond to questions quicker (especially when I am doing problem solving Mathematics questions). I enjoy playing Genius Mathematics very much! Thank you for the wonderful game!

- 10 July 2015


Eunice & Evie Tan

Genius Mathematics is fun, it makes us think and the board is beautifully drawn.

- 26 September 2016


Primary 4 Girl

Playing Genius Mathematics regularly improves my studies. My results have improved as compared to last year. I scored 96/100 for my Mathematics mid-of-year examination. I love and enjoy playing Genius Mathematics!

- 13 May 2016


Genius Mathematics Customer

A 10 year old girl played Genius Mathematics and could not count to 10 initially. Her counting improved at the end of just one round of the game. She could count faster and give the answer quicker. She could also count more than 100 on her own. Really amazing. Genius Mathematics may help an individual to think quickly and be smarter.

- 4 October 2015

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